KSL staubtechnik gmbh


1949   KSL is founded by Konrad Schumacher in Lauingen/Donau
1950   Development of the world’s first anti set-off powder (K4/15) in collaboration with FOGRA (Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.)
1972   Addition of starch-based anti set-off powder S5 to the product range (1982: L3, 1990: S5 WL, 1995: K4 plus)
1977   Change of the company’s name to KSL staubtechnik gmbh
1994   Concentration of production and administration at today’s location  
1996   Development of the first test dust – synthetically produced Arizona dust
1998   Certification of the management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 12.05.1998
1998   Introduction of the mineral powder eskal into car glass industry
1999   Supply of the first customers in film/plastic industry with starch-based separating powder
2000   Moving into the new administrative building
2004   Market launch of low dust anti set-off powders
2005   New building to expand the production area
2015   Initial start-up of the new bottling hall
2016   Kosher certification of eskal / eskal plus, esstar / esstar plus, K4 / K4 plus, S5 / S% WL and L3