Our history

The history of KSL staubtechnik gmbh goes back to the year 1949. At that time, calcium carbonate from our company’s own stone pit was processed to filler material.

Just two years later, the decisive course was set. Together with FOGRA (Research Society for Printing), KSL developed the world`s first anti set-off spray powder (K4/15).

Further development and application innovations drive us just as much as our quality standards. In this way we have established KSL worldwide as specialist supplier and quality leader.

In addition to the printing industry, we are now active in many other sectors and are certified for a wide variety of applications.


2021      Installation of a photovoltaic system on our production hall to generate CO2-neutral electricity.

2020      Initial operation of our class 8 clean room (DIN EN ISO 14644-1).

2017      Development of a quartz-free Arizona test dust.

2016      Kosher certifications for the eskal (plus), esstar (plus), K4 (plus) and S5 (WL) product lines.

2015      Commissioning of a new bottling hall.

2005      Rebuild of the eskal and K4 production hall to expand the production area.

2004      Market launch of low-dust anti set-off spray powders (BG certification).

2000      Move into the new administration building.

1999      Development of the esstar product series as separating powder for plastic film production and processing.

1998      Certification of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

1998      Launch of the mineral powder eskal for the automotive glass industry.

1996      Development and launch of the first KSL test dust – synthetically manufactured Arizona dust.

1995      Development of the anti set-off powder K4 plus with improved properties.

1994      Concentration of administration and production at today’s location.

1990      Market launch of the S5 WL series with hydrophobic, water-repellent properties.

1982      Development of the water-soluble anti set-off spray powder L3 based on a natural sugar derivative.

1972      Development of the starch-based anti set-off spray powder S5.

1951      Development of the world’s first ant set-off powder (K4/15) in cooperation with FOGRA.

1949      Foundation of the company by Konrad Schumacher in Lauingen on the Danube.