Powders for plastic films

In many areas of the plastics and film processing industry, separating powders are used to counteract disruptive adhesive forces.

High-quality spray powders are characterized by a narrow particle size distribution and good dustability, i.e. good flowability and an even distribution on the film.

KSL separating powders are approved for their use in food packaging and certified as kosher. All requirements of EU legislation and FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) are met regarding to food conformity.

Our products

KSL provides suitable separating powders for every application in film production and roll packaging. Depending on the requirements, mineral or organic powders in different grain sizes are available. For assistance with the selection, please contact our application support.

eskal – natural calcium carbonate

Main area of application: Blown film/tubular film extrusion – natural, mineral separation powder – food-grade – temperature-stable and non-flammable.

esstar – native starch

Main areas of application: flat film, cast film, film bags, sausage casings – made from regrowing raw material – food-grade – good adhesive properties due to static charging.

Applications of KSL film separating powders

Numerous types of film (e.g. composite, sealing and shrink film) and film materials (e.g. PET, PE, PVC, PO, PE/PA/PP) show a natural tendency to stick during production and further processing due to adhesion and electrostatic effects.

These problems occur in different production processes for various products:

Our food-safe KSL separating powders eskal and esstar counteract this sticking tendency and thus increase the productivity of the processes.