Product development

Changes and ongoing developments of our customers’ products and production processes can result in the need for correspondingly adapted or newly developed powders and dusts. You can count on our support in this regard.

Especially when technical parameters change or new fields of application emerge, we have the opportunity to react flexibly in order to make adjustments or create new developments. As a result, a coordinated interaction between powder, substrate and application type can always be guaranteed.


of separating powders

Possibilities of varying separating powders are e.g.:

  • Particle size adjustments
  • Exchange or adjustment of the base material
  • Adjustments regarding additives
  • Variation in fluidity
  • Adding special properties


of test dusts

Here the options are almost unlimited, e.g. the following dust or particle properties can be selected and changed:

  • Material type (organic, mineral, metallic, fibers)
  • Particle size distribution (fine, coarse, narrow or broad distribution)
  • Particle hardness (soft, hard)
  • Particle shape (round, angular, fibers, platelets, …)
  • Color, UV activity, etc.
Dr. Stefan Grob - Product development / Application advice

Your contact person

Your contact for questions about product adjustments or new developments is Dr. Stefan Grob. He manages our laboratory and is responsible for the application advice of our customers. He will be happy to advise and support you with your specific request.

Telefon: +49 (0) 9072 / 95 00 – 25

Mobil:    +49 (0) 1511 / 1784819

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