KSL staubtechnik - worldwide recognized quality supplier

About us

Since 1949 we have been producing high-quality anti set-off powders, separating powders and technical dusts in Lauingen, Bavaria/Germany. Find out more about us and our company philosophy.


The use of natural and regrowing raw materials and the use of regenerative energies to produce our powders and dusts characterizes our efforts to protect environment and natural resources.


We promise highest product quality. This is the only way to ensure our customers smooth production and further processing steps as well as an economical and resource-saving use of powder.

Research projects

Only through intensive research work we are able to support our customers worldwide with their modern and environmentally friendly processes and innovative products in fabrication and further processing.


As the manufacturer of the world’s first anti set-off powder for the printing industry in 1951, we have many decades of experience in the production of high-quality powders and dusts for a wide variety of applications.


Our separating powders are certified as low in fine dust and kosher and are fully approved for contact with food or its packaging. Our QM system is ISO 9001 certified.