Engineering services

Mechanical process engineering has provided us with the tools to offer our customers high-quality powders and dusts since 1949. In order to produce powders with defined and constant particle sizes, we have acquired an extensive know-how over the years in the following process steps: grinding, sieving, (air) separating and mixing.

Our customers can also benefit from this expertise, as we produce tailor-made powders and dusts according to customer specifications in contract manufacturing.

In addition, we offer the possibility of contract filling of delivered powders – if necessary, also under clean room conditions.

Our possibilities

The particular technical process steps and the filling of powders can be carried out either individually or in any combination.


Contract grinding service of coarse bulk materials into fine fractions and separation of agglomerates into individual particles using pin mills.


Separation of pure substances and mixtures into specific particle size ranges in the µm and mm range through sieving or air separation.


Various types of mixers are available for the homogenization of powders with several components and/or for the admixture of additives.

Filling of powders

Contract filling of powders and bulk goods of almost all kinds from a few grams up to 1000 kg in freely selectable packaging units.