Our processed products are divided into different fractions, i. a. by sieving. A wide variety of mesh sizes from 45 µm to a few millimeters are available. In special cases, air separating can be done for the partition of even finer powder.

For screening, we only use sieves that comply with all current international standards. These are for example DIN ISO 3310, ISO 565, ASTM E11 and BS 410. We also apply them to separate your powder and solid bulk materials into the desired grain size ranges. Sieving smaller 100 µm is only possible for small quantities, wet sieving is not carried out.

In addition to sole contract sieving, a combination with other engineering services such as milling and/or mixing is of course also possible. Finally, the processed powder is filled according to your wishes (from small quantities of just a few grams to big bags).

We look forward to your inquiry stating type and quantity of the ground material, the desired grain size range(s) and the preferred type of filling.