our investment in the future

As an innovative company, we always try to shape the future towards more economic efficiency and ecological sustainability. For that purpose, we regularly examine internal and external ideas and approaches.

Only through intensive research work we are able to support our customers worldwide with their modern and environmentally friendly processes and innovative products in fabrication and further processing. Because sometimes a minimal amount of powder makes all the difference.

Research and development projects

We research and develop, among others, on the following topics:

Interleavants without microplastics for float glass

Development of microplastic-free separating powders for the glass industry in cooperation with research institutes and international customers from the glass industry.

Flow improvement of fine powders

Improving the flowability of very fine calcium carbonate powder (eskal 10) for the film industry in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institutes IFAM and IGCV.

Standard dust for testing PV modules

Development of a standard dust for the standardized cleaning of PV modules in cooperation with researchers from institutes, colleges and industry.


In our research projects, we work together with institutes, but also with partners from business and industry. This is the only way we can ensure to find practical and economical solutions together. We work closely with the following renowned institutes, among others:

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If you are interested in a cooperation or you want to test the use of powder for a new product, a new process or a new test procedure, please contact our application support.