Application support

KSL quality starts with the application support of our costumers. In addition to our certified product quality, we have always paid just as much attention to advice and help our customers. We use our specific know-how and many years of experience from countless applications for your success.

Questions about applications in printing, in film production or in the separation of glass are part of our everyday work. Morevover, we support our customers with the use or the new development of test dusts. This enables us to answer recurring questions competently and to transfer solutions to other areas of application.

Advice on products and services

Due to the large selection of various base materials, additives and particle sizes, a tailor-made solution can be found for almost every application. Either from our large standard product range or through a specially developed custom-made product.

Moreover, we advise you on our options for analyzing particles and powders (particle size analysis, chemical analysis, mineralogical analysis), as well as concerning our engineering services (milling, sieving, (air) separating, mixing, and filling of powders).

Dr. Stefan Grob - Application advice / Product development

Your contact person

Your main contact for application-related questions is Dr. Stefan Grob. He is a materials scientist with a doctorate in physics and is an active member of standards committees and development projects. He will be happy to advise and support you with your specific request.

Your direct contact:

Tel.: +49 (0) 9072 / 95 00 – 25

Mobile:    +49 (0) 1511 / 1784819

Your email to Dr. Grob