eseco / esplas

The interleaving powder series eseco and esplas have been developed for powdering all types of flat glass (float glass, rolled or cast glass). By building up a thin separating layer between the panes, the glasses are prevented from sticking together due to adhesive forces, the so-called glass plate effect. That way, the panes can be separated again for further processing.

Our esplas powders are based on recycled plastics made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or polyethylene (PE). Our microplastic-free powders from the eseco series are made from natural plant granules.

If required, adipic acid is added to prevent glass corrosion. Depending on the climatic conditions, its proportion can be between 0 % and 50 %.

The particle size distribution is important for the effective use of non-stick powder. It has shown that average grain diameters between ca. 50 and 200 µm are good choices for different pane sizes and applications.

eseco - Your benefits at a glance

  • Microplastic-free alternative for separating and transporting flat glass
  • Renewable raw material, biodegradable
  • Very uniform particle sizes in 2 gradings
  • Extremely low in fine dust, resulting in good flowability and low dust formation
  • Optional: addition of corrosion-inhibiting adipic acid

esplas - Your benefits at a glance

  • Specially developed for powdering of flat glass
  • Smooth sliding by separation of glass panes
  • Irregular particle shape supports excellent adhesion to the surface of the pane
  • Reduced risk of slipping in use due to irregular (non-pearl) particle shape
  • Optional: addition of corrosion-inhibiting adipic acid


15 kg or 20 kg large carton depending on type