Quality of KSL anti set-off powders

Uniform particle size – the crucial difference

The key feature of a high-quality anti set-off powder is the uniform size of all particles. This is the only way to ensure effective sheet separation without negative side effects.

The KSL sorting

Through multi-stage production steps, we ensure that all particles of one powder have a very similar diameter. As a result, the majority of the particles contribute to effective separation of the printed sheets.

Fine particles

Particles that are too fine do not contribute to sheet separation, but at the same time might cause health problems, pollute the pressroom and thus lead to higher cleaning effort.

Coarse particles

If particles are considerably too coarse or too many coarser particles are contained in the powder, this can lead to problems when stacking (and thus further processing), as well as to misprints and all kinds of visual defects.


With a well-sorted KSL powder, a lower dosage can be selected compared to a poorly sorted alternative product. Up to 30 % less powder is required and costs are saved. Additionally, possible problems (e.g. poor pile formation, high cleaning effort, health impairments) are prevented or at least significantly reduced, which means further cost savings.

Our consistent powder quality is guaranteed by end-to-end quality control. In this way, KSL spray powders support process reliability and the quality of the printed products, while protecting the environment and the health of the pressman at the same time.