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Printing Industry

In regular sheetfed offset printing the printing ink is not dried completely in the delivery, this of course involves the danger of ink set-off [1] , therefore a small space will be created by applying anti set-off powder to avoid ink set-off or blocking [2] . At the same time the aeration will be assisted to fasten the aerobic and oxidative drying of the printing ink.

In addition the slippage of the sheets will be effected positively and an even stack formation will be made easier.

Only the use of high-quality anti set-off powder provides an even space between the sheets as well as an economical consumption of powder with lowest dust formation.

An important quality characteristic of our anti set-off powder is a regular particle size distribution. Thus almost every single powder grain can be used. The reduction of very fine particles decreases the unnecessary and not wanted dust loading in the delivery and in the printing room. As to that anti set-off powder from KSL fulfil the requirements of the BG!


[1] Ink set-off

- means the carry-over of the fresh colour from the face of the sheet to the back side of the following sheet.

[2] Blocking

- appears mostly with printing coated sheets. It means a massive sticking among the fresh printed sheets.