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Anti set-off powder S5WL

Product Features

Anti set-off powders of the S5WL series are organic vegetable based products made of native starch. The single particles have a round and soft shape. The regular particle size distribution and the character of the powder particles support easy and reliable handling. The S5WL series is additionally surface treated by a special process to get a hydrophobic, water-repellent property. Hence, S5WL powders are especially suitable for the finishing of prints with water-based varnishes. S5WL is suited for jobs with varnishing units as well as for powder spraying on water-based varnishes from the ink fountain.

Anti set-off powders of the S5WL series are free of micro fine dust; therefore the dust formation in the delivery is reduced. The exact particle size distribution allows an economical application.


With our anti set-off powders of the S5WL series we offer through our graduations 15, 16, 20, 22, 30 and 45 the suitable grain size for any paper grammage.


Anti set-off powders of the S5WL series are controlled continuously and fulfil the requirements of the German industry wide agreement of low-dust anti set-off powders – except the finest powder S5WL/15.

Packing information

  • 1 kg bag – 12 x 1 kg per carton
  • 2 kg can – 4 x 2 kg per carton
  • 15 kg bucket