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Anti set-off powder K4

Product Features

Anti set-off powders of the K4 series are inorganic, mineral products of pure calcium carbonate. Due to a special manufacturing process the single particles receive a rounded shape. A unique grain sorting and the texture of the powder grains support easy and dependable handling. Anti set-off powders of the K4 series are inert to normal humidity. It is stable in storage. It is neither soluble in water nor in alcohol.

With its high specific weight K4 is particularly low in dust and economical in application. The dust accumulation in the delivery and around the printing press can be minimised. Anti set off-powders of the K4 series are not hygroscopic and not sensitive to static charges. It can be sprayed evenly and without big turbulence. This supports a good and exact stack formation.


With the different graduations of 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 and 80 of our anti set-off powder of the K4 series we offer an adequate graduation for any paper grammage.


Anti set-off powders of the K4 series are controlled continuously and fulfil the requirements of the BG Druck und Papierverarbeitung – except the finest powder K4/10.

Packing information

  • 1 kg bags – 12 x 1 kg per carton
  • 3 kg cans – 4 x 3 kg per carton
  • 25 kg bucket