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Product Features

When bending LSG-panes for the automotive industry, it is important that the panes do not show any optical failures after the lamination process. Therefore, the single panes are softened and bent together as a pair or multilayer in the bending furnace at temperatures between 500°C and 650°C to ensure a perfectly equal bend radius before being combined.

For this bending process, a specific interleaving powder is applied to avoid that the panes stick together so that the sheets can be separated again after bending.

It is important to use a product which ensures a consistent distance between the single sheets. The powder should be free of coarse particles as such would result in interfering lenses.

Our interleaving powder series eskal – based on temperature resistant calicum carbonate – is established worldwide as standard.

The powders of the series eskal show very narrow particle size distributions and excellent fluidity. The particles adhere reliably on the glass surface and can be washed-off easily after the bending process.

eskal has proven itself particularly for the dry application with EPS application systems. However, it is suitable for wet application as well.

Due to an extremely narrow particle size distribution (fine and coarse particles are almost eleminated), a regular distance between the glass surfaces is ensured. This reduces optical failures and thus the reject rate.

eskal 15

Our standard product with a median particle size of approx. 18 µm.

eskal 14

Our optimized powder, based on eskal 15 but with a further reduction of coarse particles.

eskal 10

A finer variant if eskal 15 is too coarse for the application, with a median particle size of approx. 10 µm.

eskal 500

  • the finest powder type, median particle size approx. 5 µm
  • especially suited for bigger bending radii or multilayer bending for instance for bullet proof glass
  • because of its fineness, the powder has a reduced flowing property which can lead to difficulties by application with air powdering systems
  • suitable for wet application

eskal 500 plus

  • same basis as eskal 500
  • significantly improved fluidity due to special surface treatment
  • excellently suitable for air powdering systems
  • NOT suitable for wet application