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Glass Industry

During production, storage and further processing of glass, interleaving powders are applied.

Primarily such powders work as spacer between two glass panes to countervail the adhesive forces. Formerly paper was used. Beside the disadvantage that paper may leave some residue on the glass surface, this process is very costly and time-consuming.

For more than 30 years, plastic based powder is established as spacer instead of paper. Interleaving powder can be applied without difficulty by technical methods and it allows for instance easy destacking.

By different compositions, special properties can be added to the powders (like antistaining effects).

Today interleaving powder, made of different basic materials, is used in several glass processing methods:

  • during flat / float glass production
  • during the bending process of panes, e.g. for automotive glass
  • during the lamination process in autoclaves
  • to separate mirrors or glasses after the coating process
  • in the production of solar glass to separate panes and modules