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esstar plus

Product Features

The powders of our series esstar plus are made of premium native starches. This renewable raw material offers the advantage of almost spherical and soft particles. Because of an extremely narrow particle size distribution, our powders can be applied with smallest formation of dust. The powders offer an excellent distribution characteristic on the pane. The application with EPS-application systems is easy and the adhesion of the particles on the glass excellent. Even with roller application systems working with static loading a regular distribution is possible.

Especially when coated glass has to be separated, round and soft particles are of advantage as spacer. The coated glass surface will be prevented from damage and scratches can be avoided.

This property is helpful as well for the separation of mirror glass. esstar plus adheres well on the coating surface of the mirror, without pressing into the not fully hardened coating film.

As the powder is temperature resistant up to approx. 150°C it can be used as well in the laminating process of LSG in the autoclave.

The powder can be used very economically with smallest formation of dust because of a very small amount of fine particles.

esstar 45plus

The standard product with a medium particle size of approx. 60 µm, excellent fluidy and hydrophobic property.

esstar 30plus

A finer version with a medium particle size of approx. 38 µm, excellent fluidy and hydrophobic property.