KSL test dusts

Test dust TE KSL 220

Test dust alternative to Turkish Emery Grit 220 with almost identical material properties and the same particle size distribution.

Kaolin KSL 520

Alternative to Bell Dark Ball Clay with comparable composition and grain size distribution.

Brasil M5

Synthetically produced test dust from coarse-grained sand based on customer specifications for Brazilian dust.

Arizona dust SAE J726 blend

Mixture of synthetically produced Arizona dust SAE J726 fine and coarse in equal proportions.

Arizona dust extra coarse

Test dust based on synthetically produced Arizona dust SAE J726 in an extra coarse version.

KSL 11046

Test dust with mineral, herbal and organic/animal particles and components, e.g. for simulation of environmental dust or road dirt. Also available as a quartz-free version.

KSL 11047 / KSL 14017 / KSL 14019

Test dust with mineral components and fiber content, e.g. to simulate house dust.

KSL 12050

Particularly abrasive test dust due to great hardness and angular particles, e.g. to simulate high levels of wear.

KSL 14027

Test dust from quartz, cement, gypsum and brick to simulate the typical dirt on construction sites.

KSL 15088

Coarse sand mixture, e.g. for tests in the area of axle and chassis systems of utility vehicles.

KSL spheres

Spherical PMMA beads with constant ((quasi)monodisperse) diameter (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 µm).