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Product Overview Test Dust

Test dusts play an important role for environmental simulation. Due to numerous different requirements, their characteristics can vary widely. For example, there are differences in chemical composition (e.g. mineral, organic, metallic), particle size distribution (from ultrafine to extra coarse) or the particle’s shape (angular, spherical, fibers). We provide numerous standardized test dusts, specific dusts and fractions. If requested, we also produce a tailor-made test dust for your individual application.

Standard test dusts

We offer various test dusts according to national and international standards such as DIN, EN, ISO, ECE, SAE, MIL or JIS.

KSL test dusts

Not every application is covered by a suitable standard dust. We also produce special test dusts according to individual customer requirements.


In addition to dust blends, we also provide pure powders graded according to particle size. Our fractions are made from different raw materials like quartz, corundum, calcium carbonate, starch or a specific sugar derivative.

Particle analysis

Do you have a product or a field sample whose particle size distribution you would like to know? In such cases, you are welcome to request an analysis from us.