Arizona dust

We offer Arizona dust according to two different standards. The currently valid ISO 12103-1 as well as the original standard SAE J726. These dusts are available in different variants from ultrafine to coarse:

  • ARIZ-TD: “Original” – exact conformance to ISO 12103-1
  • ARIZ-KSL: quartz-free variant, particle size distribution according to ISO 12103-1
  • ARIZ-ISO: Pure quartz variant, distribution according to ISO 12103-1

A more detailed comparison of these three variants is available for download. All variants according to ISO 12103-1 are offered in the gradations A1 (ultra fine), A2 (fine), A3 (medium) and A4 (coarse). The grade A2 is also used for IP code tests according to ISO 20653.