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Application Consultant

Our application consultant – Mr. Gisbert Eiltzer – is a skilled letterpress and offset printer. After his apprenticeship he worked on full grade job printer and by that has achieved basic knowledge both on the preliminary level as well as in finishing.

Over several years he has gathered advanced professional experience in a major printing company (specialised full grade business – large format). Afterwards he extended his knowledge and his proficiency by working in the sales and scheduling department of a large screen printing company.

Due to permanent continuous education, professional training and regular dialogues with manufacturers of printing and application machines as well as with the paper, inks and coatings industry. You benefit from his long-time experiences!

For product or process related demands and suggestions, please contact Mr. Gisbert Eiltzer directly.

Gisbert W. A. Eiltzer
Application Consultant

Phone: +49 (0) 9072 9500-14
Cell phone: +49 (0) 171 30 02 449

Email: Kontaktaufnahme