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Specific dusts

Product Features

The product properties can be chosen according to the particular application or demand, e.g. fine/coarse, narrow/broad, hard/soft, round/angular, etc.

Range of Products

Our product line covers a wide variety of special dusts by now. A choice of products can be found here.


Synthetically produced test dust in different particle distributions and compositions according to customized specifications to Brazilian dust.

KSL 11046

Test dust mixture with mineral, vegetable, organic/animal particles/components to be used e.g. for simulations with environmental or road dust.

KSL 11047 / KSL 14017 / KSL 14019

Test dust mixture made of mineral components as well as viscose and cotton fibers to be used e.g. for simulations with house dust.

KSL 12050

A very hard test dust with edged particles, which is therefore particularly abrasive and e.g. used for simulation of heavy wear.

KSL 14027

Test dust made of quartz, cement, gypsum and brick dust for the simulation of construction dirt.

KSL 14081

Developed for tests on sliding roofs of cars based on Chinese dust analysis.

KSL 15088

Coarse sand mixture, e.g. for tests in the area of axle and chassis systems for utility vehicles.

Arizona dust SAE J726 mix

Synthetically produced Arizona test dust SAE J726 fine and coarse mixed in equal proportions.

Arizona dust extra coarse

Test dust based on the synthetically produced Arizona test dust SAE 726 in an extra coarse version.

Flue Ash

Used as test dust in mixtures as well as in original form e.g. as mentioned in the standard JIS Z8901 Class 5.

Portland cement

An inorganic, finely grinded, hydraulically effective binding agent which is used as test dust in its pure form as well as in mixtures. Portlandcement is named e.g. in the standard JIS Z8901 Class 6.

Test dust TE KSL 220

Test dust alternative to Turkish Emery Grit 220 with comparable properties and similar particle size distribution.

KSL Spheres 20

Spherical PMMA beads with (quasi)monodisperse distribution.