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Product Overview Printing Industry

Anti set-off powders are standard in sheetfed offset printing to avoid ink set-off or blocking. Already in 1950, KSL staubtechnik developed the world’s first anti set-off powder in cooperation with FOGRA based on calcium carbonate. Today we provide appropriate anti set-off powders for every printing job. Depending on printing machine and paper, you can choose between numerous different powders:

Anti set-off powder K4

Natural product of calcium carbonate with low dust generation available in 7 grades.

Anti set-off powder K4plus

Surface treated product based on calcium carbonate available in 4 grades.

Anti set-off powder S5

Natural starch powder of plant origin in 7 grades – suitable for all printing processes.

Anti set-off powder S5WL

Surface treated starch powder of plant origin in 6 grades – hydrophobic and therefore particularly suited for inline varnishing with water-based varnish.

Anti set-off powder L3

Special product – soluble in water and therefore less cleaning intervals – suited for all printing jobs with more than one pass through the press.