KSL staubtechnik gmbh

Particle Analysis

To ensure the quality and standard conformity of our dusts, all produced batches are analysed with regard to their particle size distribution. For this we use a HELOS/KR laser diffraction system from Sympatec in accordance with ISO 13320. The measurement range extends from fine dust with 0.9 µm to coarse material with a maximum particle diameter of 1.75 mm. We would be pleased to analyse your samples as well and then discuss the measurement results with you. Chemical analyses, e.g. X-ray fluorescence analysis or X-ray diffraction, can be offered as well. Moreover, particle shape analysis can be carried out using a microscope. A few grams are sufficient for all these analyses to obtain meaningful results.
We are looking forward to your contacting. Please specify the type and number of samples and which analyses should be carried out.