Testing / Examining

Technical products, components and elements are subjected to abrasion, aging and corrosion during their entire life time.

These processes are being reproduced for instance by environmental engineering in enforced endurance trials and climatic chambers. Amongst others, defined test and examination dusts are used in such cases.

In addition, such specified powders are used for calibration and research purposes.

Based on our long lasting experience in production and development of technical powders, we offer standard test and reference powders for these applications.

Frequently requested test dusts are mineral based, like quartz, corundum or calcium carbonate. By the use of metallic or other substances as well as fibres, test powders show special properties.

Beside our standard range of powders, we produce tailor-made technical dusts according to customer requests. We require a copy of the powder description of a standard or a detailed specification to the characteristic of the requested powder to make a producibility check.

KSL works together with renowned experts from academia and industry groups:

Gesellschaft für Umweltsimulation GUS e.V. 

OHM Hochschule Nürnberg 

Fraunhofer ICT