esplas / esbal 

In order to transport or store flatglass or floatglass, a separating medium must be applied between the panes to prevent the glass sheets from blocking due to adhesion forces. Only in this way can the panes be easily separated for subsequent production processes. 

The interleaving powder series esplas and esbal are developed especially for powdering in the flatglass or floatglass line. 

The basis for the powder series esplas is polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) or polyethylene (PE). Thanks to a specific production process, the particles have a unique grain structure. The irregular shape of the particles affects the gliding effect of the panes and favours excellent adhesion of the particles on the pane.
The basis for the powder series esbal are polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) beads. 

Glass surfaces may corrode during transport or storage. In order to counteract this, if necessary, specific agents can be added to the polymer particles. Depending on climatic conditions, such additions can range between 10 and 50%. 

The particle size distribution is also important for effective powder application. Powders with an average particle size of approx. 60, 80, 130 or approx. 150 µm have proved successful. The powders with lower particle diameter offer some advantages due to better adhesion. 

Different particle shapes also influence the diverse fields of application. 

This results in a variety of different products. We support our customers in identifying the products which are best suited for their field of application.

Our Products

Safety Data Sheet

Basic material PMMA or PE
with an average particle diameter
of 60 to 130 µm 

Product Overview

esplas H60 / esplas H130

esplas N60 / esplas N150

Basic material PMMA with different particle shapes or PE
with an average particle diameter of 60, 80, 130 or 150 µm and
our newly developed corrosion-inhibiting admixture with a percentage of 10 or 25%. 

Product Overview

esplas H60 M10 / esplas H60 M25 /
esplas H130 M10 / esplas H130 M25

esbal KF130 M10 / esbal KF130 M25 /
esbal L80 M10 / esbal L80 M25

esplas N60 M10 / esplas N60 M25 /
esplas N150 M10 / esplas N150 M25

Basic material PMMA or PE
with an average particle diameter of 60, 130 or 150 µm and
a corrosion-inhibiting admixture of adipic acid of 10, 30 or 50%. 

Product Overview

esplas H60 A10 / esplas H60 A30 / esplas H60 A50 / esplas H130 A10 / 
esplas H130 A30 / esplas H130 A50

esplas N60 A10 / esplas N60 A30 / esplas N60 A50 / esplas N150 A10/ esplas N150 A30/ esplas N150 A50/