In addition to a series of different dust mixtures, we are offering graded powders based on different raw materials like calcium carbonate, starch, quartz or a specific sugar derivative:


eskal  *
narrow classified fractions of natural calcium carbonate in graduations ranging from approx. 5  µm to 150 µm. We offer also granulations up to a particle size of approx. 4 mm

Product Information; Safety Data Sheet

esstar *
native starch, available in natural untreated as well as in hydrophobic version, narrow classified types from approx. 15 µm to 60 µm

Product Information; Safety Data Sheet

made of a natural sugar derivative with regular particle size distribution in 4 graduations. The product is uncomplicated in respect of humidity and it has a good fluidity

Product Information; Safety Data Sheet

classified dusts and sands in different graduations, made of natural quartz SiO2

Safety Data Sheet OFL, Siafety Data Sheet DOR3, DOR7, DOR15, DOR25, DOR40, Safety Data Sheet BQ75, Safety Data Sheet DOR 0,06-0,3, 0,1-0,5, 0,1-2, 0,3-0,8, 0,6-1,2 mm

different graduation of fused corundum. Corundum is a material of extreme hardness

* Also available in hydrophbic version