works as a spacer during the production of film in lengths as well as hoses. Hose film can be sprayed in- and outside. A powdering system applies the dry spray powder eskal on the freshly extruded film at the beginning of the cooling-down period.

The anti-blocking effect will be reached at following winding-up. Subsequent processing steps respectively handling procedures, by machine as well as manual, are supported by the separating powder eskal.

Even the application of finished film products becomes easier for the end user.

eskal powders have an excellent fluidity and outstanding spraying properties. eskal forms no lumps, does not carry electrostatic charge and does not block the spraying devices.

The calcium carbonate we use is a pure natural product and is no hazardous material according to official Ger-man regulations (GefStoff V/ ChemG).

eskal is not combustible; there is no danger of dust explosion.


Product information for the application with food packaging