Film / Plastic Industry

The application of spray powder is a dry process to countervail the adhesion of the film. Beside others it effects a soft winding and unwinding and by this a warping and blocking of film.

Depending on the requirements on the film which has to be produced (flat film, film hoses or bags), more or less powder is used. Beside the extrusion the first or basic reel is given top priority. It can be processed easier by applying separating powders. Typically powder is sprayed after a neutralisation of electrostatic charging.

During the production of film bags the use of separating powder offers general advantages. The powder is simply applied on the surface and effects more flexibility. It offers a better gliding, further processing free from distortion, easy converting, optimized opening of bags as well as easy filling at the end user.


We offer organic as well as mineral based separating powders:

organic, made of native starch, good adhesion property because of static charges, natural raw material
mineral based, made of natural calcium carbonate, insensitive to static charges, temperature resistant

All separating powders are conform to the requirements of EC and FDA concerning the use for packaging with food contact.