KSL staubtechnik gmbh – The Enterprise

The KSL staubtechnik gmbh exists since 1977. Already the previously established company, founded by Konrad Schumacher in 1949, processed pure calcium carbonate to be used as filler material.

The application of the material as separating powder developed bit by bit. In cooperation with the FOGRA (Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.) the progress led to the anti set-off powder made out of pure calcium carbonate (K4/15), which was used in Germany for the first time. To meet the over the years grown requirements of the printing industry different starch products (S5-powders) and soluble sugar derivates (L3-products) were developed. Today we provide very different industries and produce powders for manifold applications.

All mentioned products feature a narrow distribution of grain size and are available in different graduations. The manufacturing of the powders requires experience, know-how as well as extensive and controlled production processes.