Anti set-off powder L3

Product Properties

Anti set-off powder of the L3 range are dry and water-soluble products with special properties. Produced of a natural sugar derivate, they have a rounded particle shape with crystalline structure and soft grain.

By its water-soluble property the anti set-off powder L3 is particularly suitable for further processing. L3 is the ideal product for multi pass printing. At the further printing pass the powder will go into solution by the remaining moisture on the rubber blanket. The built-up on the rubber blanket will be reduced which results in higher machine run resp. production output.

The anti set-off powder L3 is not hygroscopic and will not go into solution by ordinary humidity.


With your anti set-off powder of the L3 range we offer through our graduations 15, 20, 30 and 45 the suitable grain size for any paper grammage.

Differnt graduations for the anti set-off powder L3 zoom in


Anti set-off powders of the L3 range are controlled continuously and have a very narrow grain-size distribution.

Packaging Information

Bags, cans, and buckets as packaging for anti set-off powder l3.


Anit Off-Set Powder L3