Anti set-off powder K4plus

Product Properties

Anti set-off powders of the K4plus range are inorganic, mineral based products made of natural calcium carbonate. The single particles get a rounded shape by a special production process. By using complex special procedures particular surface properties such as optimum feeling of its smooth grain surface and excellent gliding characteristics are achieved. Anti set-off powders of the K4plus range are insensitive against ordinary humidity and are neither soluble in water nor in alcohol.

Due to its high specific gravity K4plus is especially dust depleted and economical in application. The formation of dust in the delivery and around the press can be reduced to a minimum. Anti set-off powders of the K4plus range can be sprayed very regularly, are not hygroscopic and not sensitive to static charges.


With your anti set-off powder of the K4plus range we offer through our graduations 15, 20, 30 and 45 the suitable grain size for any paper grammage.

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Anti set-off powders of the K4plus range are controlled continuously and fulfil the requirements of the German industry wide agreement of low-dust anti set-off powders.

Packaging Information

Bags, cans, and buckets as packaging for anti set-off powder k4plus.


Anit Off-Set Powder K4plus